• eBook Cover RE InvestingAre you tired of letting the federal government dictate when you can retire?  As soon as we start saving our own money in a 401(k) or IRA, we are told that we can’t even withdraw it until we are 59 1/2 years or else we are penalized for it!  The feds also dictate to employers when an employee can receive a full pension (usually at 62 years) without taking a sizable reduction.  Or if you wait for the government’s Social Security, in many cases that doesn’t happen until 67 years.
  • Do you want to resign yourself to actively work into your golden years or are you ready to learn how to build passive income through real estate rental investing that will propel you toward financial independence sooner?  Wouldn’t you rather have more active years to enjoy freedom from working for others?  In just 90 minutes you can learn what it takes to gain both sustaining wealth for your family as well as immediately begin generating monthly cash flow.  
  • Don’t miss out on this opportunity to discover why over 90% of millionaires include passive investing in real estate as part of their wealth building strategy.  It’s easier than you think.  Get your free preview today by enrolling in the Bronze Kit and downloading your FREE eBook to learn why so many other investors have been drawn to real estate investing, especially through rentals that generate passive income!

Can I Achieve My Desired Long-Term Wealth in the Stock Market?

Fact: The S & P 500’s performance has reached the same plateau 3 times in the last 15 years. This hasn’t happened in over 50 years. If you invested in the year 2000 and left it there, you’d have earned little to no return on investment.

Will a Pension Plan be Sufficient to Sustain Me?

Fact: Less than 25% of private employers offer a traditional fully-funded, defined benefit plan to new employees.  Unless you’ve worked for the same employer for more than 25 years, you likely won’t have a guaranteed pension.

Will I Receive Social Security Benefits When I Retire?

Fact: The Social Security Administration’s annual receipts from taxpayers are less than its payments. This is unsustainable for the fund to survive and pay full benefits to recipients.  Americans cannot rely on this as part of their retirement strategy.

How to Build Passive Income – Courses

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Passive Investing through Rentals – Is This System Right for Me?

  • If you always wanted to learn how to build passive income but can’t seem to find time to do it, you can jump-start your dream in less than 90 minutes with an easy to follow kit
  • While other assets require you to pay 100% of the purchase price up front, by investing in real estate rentals, you can purchase them with as little as 20-25% of the value, allowing you to leverage and buy more properties more quickly
  • If you don’t have the time or desire to personally manage your properties, there are options including property management companies and turn-key real estate solution companies that allow you to have low to no direct involvement
  • If your local market doesn’t afford you the opportunity to buy rentals, there are many “hot” markets across the U.S. where you can still invest
  • If you’re not sure how many properties you need to achieve your goals, your system tools do all the calculating for you
  • If you think that added rental income puts you into a higher tax bracket, you can consult with a CPA to discuss advantages to owning rentals by realizing many expenses that are tax deductible
  • While you can’t eliminate all risks associated with rentals, you can reap higher rewards in the long run, in many cases this is more than 20% of your initial investments