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Hello fellow investors.  I’m Lianne McClure, a Texas licensed real estate broker, investor, and mother of two precious young children. As a founding member of Lone Star South Texas Properties, LLC, I am thrilled to offer the Passive Wealth Building training kit to others interested in acquiring real estate rentals as an investment vehicle.  

One of the most valuable things I learned growing up from my parents was the importance of family and loved ones.  I too believe that spending time with them is most rewarding for me, and freedom through wealth building affords me the flexibility to travel, play sports, and experience the many joys of life with them.   

I believe there is no better time than now to join your fellow investors in this growing industry and jump start building your rental portfolio. By learning more through real estate education, you can equip yourself with the right tools to develop a successful strategy. 

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Why Invest in Real Estate

As a youth, I saw my great grandparents struggle in their senior years trying to make ends meet.  After my great grandfather worked in a single, modest paying job his entire career, less than a year from retirement, his company went through difficult times and he was laid off with no pension to sustain him.  My great grandmother passed away shortly afterwards, and he had to keep working well into his 70’s just to pay for his living expenses, as Social Security paid too little.

Additionally, like many others, I watched the volatility of the stock market wreak havoc on my 401(k) savings over the years. I also saw a growing trend of rental homes in the U.S. real estate market and determined that I wanted to tap into this segment.  Since 2011, not only have I acquired many properties and continue to build my own portfolio, I have also developed a simple yet comprehensive system by utilizing my knowledge with the real estate process and experience as a rental investor. 

As the creator of PWB, my goal is to help others work toward achieving their long-term passive wealth building goals, as well, through residential real estate rental investing.  I focus on teaching both beginner and experienced investors how to generate immediate monthly cash flow and build long-term wealth through the acquisition of one-to-four family rental properties. 

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Self-paced Online Learning

If your schedule is as busy as most full-time working professionals, you have the flexibility to access your training and resource tools when it’s most convenient for you.  You can forget the hassle of traveling to overcrowded “free” seminars that actually have high pressure sales tactics to convince you to spend more than you’d planned.

Through our easy to follow series of modules and tools, you can access your training through any browser and at your own pace with easy to follow videos in each section. 

Additionally, you can avoid having to take time off from work or sacrifice more interesting weekend activities just to be there in person.  Your kit is quickly accessible for you to download and print as desired to get you started on building your portfolio immediately.

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Getting Started

The world of real estate investing can seem a bit overwhelming.  After all, it is likely the most expensive type of asset you will ever purchase in your lifetime.  But there is no denying that it is one of the few areas that has created more millionaires, many of whom started out just like you, faster than other types of investment vehicles.  

While many think that their personal residence is sufficient to hold as an asset, what they actually don’t realize is that it’s really more of a liability because it doesn’t generate any additional income for your. Rather, in most cases, it is an expense that takes away from your monthly budget.  Buying investment real estate is what really begins to set you apart from others who choose, oftentimes unknowingly, to stay on the hamster wheel or in the rat race at work, while others like you, set themselves on the freedom path.      

Now one of the best features of these courses is having the expertise from a real estate professional explained in a simple and straightforward approach.  If you are unsure of where to get started, this comprehensive guide will put you on the fast-track to your desired wealth building goals.  Let’s begin building your family’s legacy and taking advantage of everything the market has to offer by getting started passive wealth building today!

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What is Active Income vs Passive Income?

Active income refers to earnings received for which services have been performed. It can include wages, tips, salaries, commissions or other types of income from businesses where there is material participation.

Passive income refers to earnings that an individual derives from a rental property, limited partnership or other enterprise in which he or she is not actively involved.

Who wouldn’t ultimately prefer earning passive income vs active income?

Why Choose Us

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  • For the Cost of A Moderately Priced Dinner, You’ll Receive Over $2,328 in Course Value
  • You’ll Receive the Necessary Tools to Quickly Build Your Wealth Accumulation Strategy  
  • You Can Access Your Kit Online Anywhere and at Your Own Pace with  Lifetime Membership 
  • You Can Learn How to Jump Start Building Cash Flow in as Little as 90 Days 

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